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Huxli Earn 💸

Want more tokens? Just refer a friend!

400 credits for every referral

2400 credits for every 5 referrals


100 credits for joining our discord

Ambassador Program

Create content/ share Huxli & get cash

Be sure to use #huxliai. We accept content from TikTok, Youtube Instagram. Use this video for inspiration

1. Email with subject line “Referral Code”

2. Receive your referral code which you can use anywhere

3. Make a TikTok or an Instagram reel and post

4. Earn 30% of all revenue generated through your referral code 💰


What can I make a video about?

How can I see how much I made?

Can I repost your content?

How will I be paid?

When do I get paid?

Is there a minimum or maximum payout?

Can I be paid in tokens instead?